Welcome! These Christian songs leave no doubt who they are about or to ... GOD. Written for the SOLO Artist or Vocal GROUP. Be the first to let the world hear them! JAZZ versions also welcome.
Track 28

Whether you believe Jesus was the Son of God or not, there is no doubt that His teachings are needed in this world more than ever. We believe He is the SON of GOD!

"One With Himby Cy Green

I believe in one true God thee almighty.

I believe He is love, and I am one with my Lord.

See the sky now. Feel the world spinning 'round you. Look up high

to the sky and feel the love

above you!

Its been said when

Jesus came to God's green earth,      He told us love thy neighbor.

We put Him on a piece of wood

for all the world to savor.

Yet, He loves us like no

 one on this earth can.

He's the love that will always be,when

We are one with our Lord.

     (Music Break)

2nd BRIDGE  Emphatically!

(Now) evil strikes its fatal blows

and cry out Allahs' name,and the

world sits by with idol eyes -                     yes, we are all to blame.                 

Don't be fooled now

in the light of the new day.

Keep your eye 

on the prize to come,

when you are one with our Lord-          with Jesus!           

He's the love within.

Feel Him in your heart!

Feel the love from our Lord.

He is here with you now.

You are one with our Lord.

You are one now

with our Lord now.

He's the  love in you -

you are ONE WITH HIM.

All Rights Reserved/ CY GREEN

         KURT ELLING would kill it!

The melodies alone are really JAZZ tunes. We present two Christian songs with brutal honesty. These are unlike the popular radio show variety where there is not much individuality.

We hope to find Artists who feel as we do and can really do justice to our work.


Cy Green


 One God!  One Creator!

From note one of Jimmy Millers' melody,

I heard God in the melody. After a short

timeJOHN COLTRANE & BILL EVANS entered the picture and I completed the Lyric.

Artists like Kurt Elling, George Benson,

Bill Withers, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chris

Boti, Cassandra Wilson, Wynton Marsalis

etc. would fit this tune nicely.

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